Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poetry archive: Googlepoems and Puffin Circus

Googlepoems is a fledgling zine of "formal and informal verse about, derived from, or inspired by the great search" - i.e. internet searches. My poem Could I have a word is currently at the top (November 25, 2010). Enjoy the info on the sidebar!

Puffin Circus is another fledgling zine which has been publishing small monthly issues since August. (I have a fondness for puffins and a memory of seeing them ride the air currents down a cove on Runde, a bird island off the west coast of Norway, their orange feet tucked up behind.) Well, Puffin Circus was asking for winter poems for the December issue and I sent them two, "Vanguard" and "Snow and Ice." They're here, on page 5.

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