Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poetry archive: Shit Creek Review and Danse Macabre

Generally I avoid submitting to publications with "Review" in the title, expecting them to be stodgy, academic, and humorless. The Shit Creek Review, an Australian zine which is "biased towards formalism, but by no means dismissive of vers libre", is none of these things. I'm proud to have had my poem Kaleidoscope published there.

Danse Macabre, which styles itself "Nevada's first online literary magazine" and part of "the non-academic literary vanguard", has that elusive quality I look for first in a zine: quirkiness. (A rudimentary knowledge of French and German is a help in navigation.) Issue 34 includes my poems Film night and Medical students pay tribute to a cadaver donor. Scroll down to find them.


Mimi Turque said...

Dearest Esther,
You arrived in my mind a few minutes ago and how lucky I am to have located you on this magical iPhone. Over fifty years since we met in the catalog department in Madison. Wi. It is a joy knowing something of your life through your blog and I'll be looking for your book of poems in Lulu.
My email is mimiturque@msn.com
Fondly always,
Mimi Turque -Marre

Sheharyar Sajid said...

Very nice.
love poetry