Monday, February 13, 2012

Poetry update

After a pause of several months I am in the process of updating the links on this site. The following poetry zines have closed or suspended publication since I listed them, though their web pages are still available (see "Poetry sites" sidebar):

Shit Creek Review published an "End of Days" issue in December 2011, which they indicate will be the last. It was a first-class formal-friendly zine from the land of Oz with a wonderfully un-stodgy spirit.
Pemmican is on "indefinite hiatus," meaning the 2011 issue is the last, at least for now.
Puffin Circus, which started out to be a monthly, seems to have run out of steam after its April 11 "baseball" issue.
Danse Macabre is moving, and will resume once it is installed in its new home. Submissions are suspended until then; the archive is currently unavailable.

As for me, I've been on hiatus too; I've done some revising, but have written virtually no poetry since last June.

I'll be back anon with a list of recently published poems.

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Susan said...

Sorry I missed your reading. I still want you to sign my copy of your book. Many of the poems gave me a grin of recognition and/or a fine new image. Some I didn't understand but enjoyed for the sound devices. It is a lovely volume, Esther. Thank you for making these poems available.