Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Poetry Archive: Cartographie Curieux, The Centrifugal Eye

Cartographie Curieux is a new zine with an unusual slant: The editors are "interested in the curious geographies that everyone must navigate as they travel through life. We are obsessed with finding ourselves and we are looking for some good maps to get us there" poetry, fiction, visual media, etc. The zine, which is in blog form, officially launched on May 25, and my poem Trail to the Treasure of Al the Awful was the first and so far the only post. Do go to the submissions page and scroll down to where it says "Some maps we’d love to publish". Perhaps you'll be inspired to submit. I'm very curious to see what other cartographies will appear on this site.

The Spring/Summer issue of The Centrifugal Eye is themed "J Is for Jabberwocky: A Glossarium of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Allegory, Myth & Legend in Poetic Form." Two of my poems, World-Saving Poem and Return of the Zed-A, are in the Science Fiction section.


Susan said...

Too bad we can't leave comments there! I love the poem you posted on 25th May 2012--"Trail to the Treasure of Al the Awful" because it was so vivid in detail and so clever in intent.

Susan said...

Neat poems in "The Centrifugal Eye" as if tiny parts of a hologram that contain whole universes--and they have your sense of humor to boot. I looked through the magazine and like it very much. You are in good company.