Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Featured poet in KIN Poetry Journal

Walter Ancarrow, one of the editors at KIN, approached me last summer about being a featured poet. It was supposed to happen in November, but was postponed due to my husband's illness.

It has finally come together, beginning with an interview. Four poems are to be published this month; the first, Oxydoxes and paramorons, is up. It intersperses the lines of John Ashbery's "Paradoxes and oxymorons" with Ogden-Nash-style rhyming prose lines. The others - "A day in the life of....", "Once in a fit of abstraction", and "Whistle like a bird" -- will be added to the sidebar as well as to my author page at KIN.

KIN has published several other poems of mine as well since I last reported: Bootstrap of the genie, a variation on the Oulipian S+7 technique; Gallery opening, a sort of permutation poem; Les six: Concert program notes, a sestina; and Hucksterism 101, a rondel prime. I pretty much owe all this to Walter, who saw "Les six" on Eratosphere and invited me to submit it to KIN.


Anonymous said...

Dear Esther,
I see it as a rejoiceful serendippification to have (just recently) discovered your poems! Thanks for writing the kind of stuff you do. Yes, ma'am, I'm a fan.
Cheers, Jane

Esther Greenleaf Murer said...

LOL! Thanks, Jane!